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52 Dresses: The Heart of a Woman as Seen by God
Ch 11- A Dress of Fantasy


“Can a mother forget her baby, be without tenderness for the child of her womb? Even should she forget, I will never forget you.” Isaiah 49:15

With God my life will have a happy ending.

Thinking back to your childhood, certainly some of the first memories that come to your mind and to your heart are the fairy tales. Those nights when your dad or mom came close to say goodbye to the day with you and tell you a story or read you a fairy tale.

This was how you learned to dream, to feel like you were the main character of these marvelous stories with happy endings where “They all lived happily ever after. The end.” There were always happy endings because there had to be, because every dream is something wonderful that gives you the freedom to be able to leave any fear behind and embrace everything with love.

But you were growing up and you realized that fairy tales are fairy tales, that life is not so perfect, that evil exists, and that perfect happiness only awaits us in heaven.

Evil came into your life, whether you were looking for it or not. Your story was dressed in fears, wounds, crises, dark chapters and limitations that taught you that unconditional love hides and that is difficult to find in this world. Since then, fairy tales have been like a beautiful memory of your childhood, where you soared, laughed and dreamed with fantasies and imagination.

And you began to live your story, your incarnate fairy tale, with some innocence. But life opened your eyes, and sooner or later you stopped being a girl to become a woman, main character of a life full of wonders but also challenges, dangers and snares.

Perhaps the ideal love, the prince of your dreams, arrived–or perhaps he passed by close to your life. You fell in love, you let yourself be conquered and you started to write a fairy tale where you were the main character. But now, halfway down the road, you’re no longer sure if the story started well or if you lost your way, if there is still a happy ending or if you will have to drag your fears until your book is closed.

You seek to keep writing the next chapters but you lack the ink of hopes and dreams. Perhaps you embrace secondary characters in order to continue writing on those blank pages that life still presents to you.

But, that fantastic love that you believed in as a child, when your imagination soared in every story, does it really exist? In your story, your life, your mission on Earth, can you have a happy ending?

Deep down, these questions bring you to the dress you wore when there was a princess, a heroine, an adventurer, tucked in your in your bed. It was a dress of fantasy which made you invincible, protected you and filled you with a sense of security.

Do not leave it in your memories. Dress again in the security of the fantasy of God’s love. Your story is not done, you still don’t know how it will end — but does it matter? Since you know that whatever happens, God accompanies you.

Don’t let this be just a childhood dress in your chest of memories. Find it in prayer, ask God for it. Clean it with your tears, and if it is torn, mend it with repentance. Learn to forgive yourself as well, feeling loved by the God who cares for you every day with his fantastic love.

Release your fears so that it fits you. It is yours, it awaits you, it will make you invincible because when God dresses you with unconditional love, it doesn’t matter what the story is, it matters who walks with you and takes you in his arms.

“Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened,* and I will give you rest.” -Matthew 11:28

In prayer, remember the time when you felt the unconditional love of God most deeply, and give him thanks.


Since dawn I have been invoking you
Your presence holds me safe
I trust in your promise
I go out on your quest
Protect me Lord

I cannot deny that I’m afraid
Insecurity pursues me
Weakness paralyzes me
Sadness embraces me
Protect me Lord

I want to but so many times I cannot
Teach me Lord to walk without stopping
Take the insecurity away from my heart
Give strength to my tired soul
Protect me Lord

Be my shield in the midst of noise
Be my shield when you seem hidden
Be my shield in the midst of pain
Be my shield when I feel fear
Be my shield in the midst of the storm
Be my shield when my soul thirsts

Extract taken from the book  Jesús a mi alma  by Fr. Guillermo Serra, LC.

Past chapters of   52 Dresses: The Heart of a Woman as Seen by God  are available in Spanish on my YouTube channel , and in English on the  RC Live  blog.  I welcome your comments  below.

Written by
Fr. Guillermo Serra, LC

Fr. Guillermo Serra, LC, is from Madrid, Spain, and now lives in Mexico City. Since his ordination in 2004, he has been leading people to know and embrace Christ’s love, learn to go deeper in prayer, and recognize God’s presence in their lives. A well-known writer and speaker, Fr. Guillermo has published two books on prayer, Sal de tu Cielo, and Jesús a mi Alma. He is also one of the most followed priests worldwide in his vibrant social media ministry. He has worked in Italy and the United States, and is currently serving as Director of Formation at a school in Mexico City.

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Written by Fr. Guillermo Serra, LC