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52 Dresses: The Heart of a Woman as Seen by God
Ch 15- A Dress of Silence

“For while gentle silence enveloped all things, and night in its swift course was half gone, Your all-powerful word leaped from heaven, from the royal throne, into the midst of the land that was doomed” -Wisdom 18:14-15


In silence are your strength and salvation.

The relationship of a mother with her child begins with the silence of waiting – from time she receives the great news of the new life in her womb until the moment of birth. In silence they communicate, they sense each other, they speak.

And after birth, with gazes that care and protect, they continue to communicate in silence until the first long awaited word is spoken.

This is how we all learned that the greatest, closest and most constant love always communicates, watches over us and cares for us in silence. Mothers become angels of God who transmit unconditional love in silence, through gestures, caresses, details and gazes.

Later, yes, words arrived … but how often they seemed clumsy in expressing what you felt, needed, or wanted to communicate.

The words grew and increased. In them, your capacity to communicate found an ally to paint outwardly what you saw inside yourself, at first with fear and insecurity and then with more strength and creativity.

And despite your great ability to communicate, to create relationships, to connect events, people, feelings and possibilities, deep down you feel the need to be heard. How ironic! Isn’t it true?

This is because, deep within, silence helps you to understand yourself more than words do. It helps you to know that interior world that is so often chaotic, intense, and full of light and color, but that does not find the form, nor the proper environment to show itself to the world in harmony and peace.

This silence is the same one that existed before creation and before the birth of Jesus. It is the silence that precedes something great, an explosion of joy and life.

But how difficult it is for you to embrace this silence! Yes, it’s true, the world doesn’t help, the media invades you, there are many tasks to do, the people around you want to be heard … There is so much noise and so little time for yourself …

For this reason, dress yourself in silence every morning. God has entrusted you, as a woman, with a wonderful work, that of being a creator of harmony, of wonderful landscapes, of multicolored rainbows in the hearts of all those around you. The artist can only work in silence, because in silence life, light and warmth are generated.

Your vocation is great, woman reading my words, that’s why your silence must also be great. Dress yourself in silence so that by listening to God you can listen to yourself in your real needs and not in imaginary ones. Listen to yourself so you can listen to the world and to humanity. The world will be saved by beauty and you are called to be a living expression of this beauty that God wants for the world.

Your success, your personal growth, and your fulfillment as a woman are not outside of you, they are inside, very deep inside. Search in the heart of God for that image of yourself that you have so longed for. Dressed in silence, God will take you by the hand to bring you to the home that is his heart, and he will show you the room of your dreams, which is your life, with its chapters, memories and promises.

In the silence of your dress you can be amazed at the great work that God has been painting over the years. Only in silence can you admire, value and welcome the work of God that you yourself are. Paint silences by listening in prayer, and you will know yourself as never before, as only God knows you.


“By waiting and by calm you shall be saved, in quietness and in trust shall be your strength.” -Isaiah 30:15


Seek to spend 5 minutes in prayer in front of your favorite image of Jesus. Simply contemplate him and let him gaze at you in silence.



My soul to Jesus:

Silence seems to be your language towards man.
The silence that witnessed the act of creation.
The silence of the night that welcomed you among men.
The silence that enveloped you until Baptism.

(… ..)

Jesus to my soul:

Yes, silence is my language because I am Word, the Word spoken by the Father and, therefore, in silence it must be heard by your soul.

Silence your reason and understanding;
your passions, your heart and feelings;
your emotions, dreams and fears;
let me shout it to you from the rooftops.

Trust, oh, my soul, for I am presence and not absence,
I give my life through my pierced Heart.
My silence is love that gives you all its essence
I am love, and as a lover,
I have left you my silence.


Extract taken from the book  Jesús a mi alma  by Fr. Guillermo Serra, LC.

Past chapters of   52 Dresses: The Heart of a Woman as Seen by God  are available in Spanish on my YouTube channel , and in English on the  RC Live  blog.  I welcome your comments  below.

Written by
Fr. Guillermo Serra, LC

Fr. Guillermo Serra, LC, is from Madrid, Spain, and now lives in Mexico City. Since his ordination in 2004, he has been leading people to know and embrace Christ’s love, learn to go deeper in prayer, and recognize God’s presence in their lives. A well-known writer and speaker, Fr. Guillermo has published two books on prayer, Sal de tu Cielo, and Jesús a mi Alma. He is also one of the most followed priests worldwide in his vibrant social media ministry. He has worked in Italy and the United States, and is currently serving as Director of Formation at a school in Mexico City.

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Written by Fr. Guillermo Serra, LC